Get the Perfect Customers for Your Business… Free!

Why chase customers with expensive marketing tactics when you can get all the ideal customers you need... No Cost!

Does your business struggle from a lack of ideal customers?

Does it keep you from growing your business?

Does it cause you to take on every bit of work that comes your way?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you – Red.Hot.Referrals will get you more of the ideal clients you seek so that you can grow your business, make more money, and frankly, stop working with crappy clients!

Skeptical??? Don’t be because you will hear from successful business owners who are doing this every single day.

Hey Biz Owner,

Me speaking to a standing-room only group of folks about Red.Hot.Referrals.

I’m Yolanda and I’ve been a self-employed business owner for more than 20 years, building businesses from the ground up through referrals only, and I can help you do the same.

The thing is… when I first started out it wasn’t all perfect customers and nice profits. I was a struggling small business owner, just like you, hoping to get a customer, any customer.

I took EVERY SINGLE customer that showed up, as a result I was tired, overwhelmed, and working with really crappy people.

It’s hard to grow your business when every customer is less than ideal…

I suffered from the long-held beliefs that if you want to be successful in business you need to reach as many people as possible who might want what you have through advertising, selling, hard marketing tactics and the rest. It was expensive and ineffective.

I was spending money and advertising with no result – it kept me broke.

I was selling to every person I met which left me feeling slimy and uncomfortable.

I chased every prospect – it made them uncomfortable and generally left me without a customer.

I was constantly under stress, wondering where my next customer or even next sale would come from.

I ended up working with anyone that showed up, and most of them were difficult, demanded discounts and were generally high maintenance.

I had to keep my prices low to entice customers or offer discounts to get customers to show up, keeping me struggling every month.

Clearly I wasn’t going to get the results I wanted. It started to feel like I was going to be stuck in that place – no big profits, no awesome customers, constant overwhelm – forever.


But then, like I was struck in the head by a random flying rock, it hit me! What I had done all along to grow my first business was the solution – I just hadn’t realized it!

Suddenly, every single thing about my business model changed and without delay I had raised my prices, started working with awesome customers (I lovingly call them the greatest customers on the planet) and I was HAPPY!


Now, I won’t lie, I got very lucky because I had the perfect model to create a profitable business. I just didn’t SEE it at the time.

The thing is… I had been using it to build our first business –  it saved me from spending money and time on marketing and advertising.  I just didn’t realize how powerful it was until I was up against the wall with bills piling up.  After I started implementing those strategies in my new business it kept me busy with perfect customers. More importantly I’ve seen the results that the Red.Hot.Referrals course gets for those people I share it with. Very cool!


Want to build a Red.Hot business? Here are some people already doing it!

Yolanda is an absolute master when it comes to the power of referrals. Her course helped me understand not just why I need referrals but how to ask for—and get—referral business. She has a fabulous business head on her shoulders, and I really appreciate her no-BS, get-it-done style.

Mary C. Weaver, CSCS,


Yolanda’s teachings are very insightful, inspiring and effective! Through her, I learned the value of utilising scripts and also using by referral only tags in email signatures to attract new business from existing clients. Talk about full of WIN!

Sally Church, Icarus Consultants, Inc.


Are You Ready to get Red.Hot?

Introducing Red.Hot.Referrals, the only system for getting awesome customers to come to you better and faster than any other advertising or marketing tactic out there.

Red.Hot.Referrals is an online self-paced course that consists of everything you need to know to start building a successful referral-based business. Here’s What You Can Expect from this Program:

  • You will learn to build a referral-based business and stop chasing customers – no more wasted hours creating content that no one sees.
  • I will show you the exact tactics I’ve used to build successful referral businesses including the counterintuitive tips and strategies that no one else is sharing.
  • You will see exactly what I’ve done so you can do it too!  We’ll discuss the exact conversations I have with my customers to get them to refer new customers to me.
  • More importantly you’ll learn to apply these tips and strategies to your business so you can immediately stop the marketing, advertising, selling roller-coaster.

How It Works:

  • Four information-packed course modules all available immediately so you can work at your own pace.
  • All four modules in both video and MP3 format so you can learn in the way that works best for you.
  • PDF copies of slides from the modules for your reference.
  • 13 Worksheets designed to help you organize the critical parts of the course and create your own referral scripts.
  • Resources to help you dig deeper into the materials.
  • LIFETIME access to the private, members-only site where you can access all of the content and materials at any time.  You’ll also have access to any updates or bonus materials offered in the future.
  • Private-members only Facebook group designed to allow you to ask me questions anytime and get fast feedback.  I’ve done it this way so that no matter when you enter the group you can see other questions and learn from the content there.


Here’s a preview of what we will cover in each of the modules and what you’ll learn:

Module One: Getting Started

  • The exact actions you need to take to get the most out of the course.
  • We’ll go over the number one thing that can get you stuck and I’ll show you how to work through it.
  • You’ll discover the two mindsets that either trap you or make you successful.
  • Four big rules you need to know to ensure success.

Module Two: Building Your Referral-Based Business

  • We start putting the critical pieces into place so you can start building a referral-based business.
  • Three critical components necessary to start getting referrals
  • Gain clarity and connect with your ideal customer
  • Create the one statement that tells people why they need to work with you
  • Develop and communicate your super special powers
  • Create the script the others can use to quickly tell people why you’re the best
  • Pull all the pieces together and create a business no one can resist

Module Three:  Referral Building Strategies Part One

  • Learn the power of getting uncomfortable
  • Understand why Big Problems create great referrals
  • Create stories that your customers tell over and over to drive more customers your way
  • How the concept of “100%” all of the time puts you head and shoulders above every other business out there

Module Four:  Referral Building Strategies Part Two

  • Learn the power of the very simple “ask”
  • Create a system that keeps your customers referring you over and over
  • Why asking for referrals is not enough and what to do about it
  • Success is the best revenge

At this point you’re thinking…
“Sounds great… but what’s the catch?”

Red.Hot.Referrals is only available for a limited time at this price and then it will close down.  When I open for more slots, next year, the price will likely double. More importantly the bonus items will go away, period. You won’t get this same product again, in this format, with these bonuses. But there’s a bit of good news here because if you get in now, you’ll get all the existing bonuses along with all the new updates and bonuses currently being created for the next launch.

And don’t worry, it’s going to cost less than you think.

I’m pricing this course way less than everyone who’s taken the course says I should charge. My business associates say I should charge more given the benefits of learning the content and the power it has to create new customers. And, not only are you getting all the content but also access to me. With this course in your hands you are going to avoid the trial and error of trying to learn this stuff on your own. And it’s going to be fast and easy – and painless.

The bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else…


Red.Hot Bonus #1 – Red.Hot Referral Business Owner Interviews

You will have access to Guest Expert interviews with successful business owners who are using Referral-Based strategies to build profitable businesses.  With these interviews and the Red.Hot.Referral content, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it to get great results fast.

You’ll hear from: 

Pamela Slim, seasoned business coach, author and
professional speaker will talk about how she used referrals
to build her business and why understanding your
ideal customer is so important to building a referral business.

Stacy Stone, online business owner, copywriter and
launch expert will tell us how she is building her business
using referrals and why stopping much of her other marketing
efforts has helped her get more focused and have more time to
get more done.

Theresa Reed, online business owner and the diva behind
The Tarot Lady website will talk about how she has used the
power of referrals in her business, what strategies she uses to
keep customers coming back for more and she’ll also show you
how saying “No” to client work can make you much more profitable!

Each of these experts charge $250-$500 for an hour of their time… you are getting over $1,000 of their knowledge for free.

Red.Hot.Bonus #2 –  Marketing in Minutes Ebook

Combined with the Red.Hot.Referrals course when you start using the Marketing in Minutes strategies you’ll begin to see quick results. Marketing in Minutes is only available in this course, you can’t get it anywhere else. With this collection of easy but highly effective, and tested, 10-minute marketing strategies you will easily create a business people talk about!

When Marketing in Minutes was available for sale it was priced at $29.95 – with Red.Hot.Referrals, it’s yours at no cost.

What would you pay for the opportunity to stop chasing customers, stop feeling overwhelmed and stop worrying about money?

When you think about how tough it is to grow your business and how Red.Hot.Referrals will change all that… you probably expect to pay a bunch of money to get the course…

If you wanted to work with me one-on-one, which I no longer offer, to learn everything in the course with coaching/consulting included, you’d pay between $250 and $750 an hour for my time.

What about trying to learn it all on your own? Sorry, not possible. I’ve taken thousands of dollars worth of courses ranging in price from $497 to $5,000 by some of the top internet marketers and non-internet marketers, not to mention countless books and I can tell you it’s not out there.

When you stop and think about what you could gain in potential profits and income, it’s a no-brainer. My first business grew from absolute $0 to 1.1 millions dollars in just a few short years with 25 employees and a manufacturing facility. My second business went from $0 and losing 10k a month, with ZERO prospects to $500,000 in just three years with only two people – no employees, no stress, more money and less working hours – lots of happy and awesome customers.

For the next 30 days you are going to get the lowest price this will ever again be. If you are the kind of person who likes to take advantage of a great opportunity when you see one, rather than wait and pay more, then your time is now.

I want you to get started now building a referral-based business and I want you to stop chasing customers, so for the next 30 days you are going to pay only $97 for everything!

I don’t want you to even think about whether or not you are making the right choice, I want you to dig into the materials completely risk free.

If at any point during the first 30 days of working the Red.Hot.Referrals program you feel that it isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is send us your homework assignments for the modules you’ve completed to show us that you made your best effort and we’ll issue a refund, no questions asked.

Yes, it’s a great price but why now?

I’ve decided that rather than make you wait for another year to get your hands on this proprietary information, you deserve to get started now. So for just the next 30 days you can start building your business and when all the new material comes out… you will get that too!

But the count down is on, it’s now or next year… when do you want to start making more money, stop chasing customers and kick overwhelm’s asslet to the curb?

There’s just no better time than now to grow your successful business. You won’t find any of this information any place else, nowhere, and after August 31th you won’t have access to it at all.  No one will.

And that means you’ll join a elite group of people who have the access to this information. You get to leap-frog your competition!

Yolanda has a unique teaching style that gets straight to the point while being down-to-earth and entertaining as well. The information presented was very helpful and easily applied to “real life”. I definitely recommend Yolanda as an instructor. I would consider taking another one of her classes in the future.
Lisa Wood, Sprout New Media


I really needed guidance on that subject and the information was presented in a way that was fun, clear and incredibly practical. That kind of teaching works perfectly for me. And more importantly, the information was presented well. I’ve taken plenty of classes over the years and often I’ve been disgusted when they have either overwhelmed me – or dropped the ball. Yolanda’s class delivered what it promised in a way that was easy to grasp. I love taking classes – but finding a good mentor/teacher is not easy. I’ve been practicing my boundaries hard core – and asking for referrals when someone sounds a bit wonky. I’ve eliminated the problem!
Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady


Yolanda’s classes are always well organized and actionable. It doesn’t stop with just information, she makes sure you can apply it to your particular business. I’m busy running my business so I appreciate that she gets right to the heart of what I need to do without having to wade through a lot of extra things I don’t need.No nonsense. To the point. Gets me moving again.
Christine Martell, VisualsSpeak


I really enjoyed the course. It was very interactive and incredibly useful. I use some of the key principles I learned from Yolanda in my business everyday to provide better customer service while still maintaining the lifestyle and schedule I want. Yolanda is very straightforward. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and she is very clear about what it takes to get the results we all want – more clients, more money and a manageable work schedule that allows for quality time with family/friends and to pursue our interests. She has many years of experience and plenty of stories from her own business to back it up. I highly recommend Yolanda and her classes.
Rachel Rodgers Esq., Rachel Rodgers Law Office

No More Chasing Customers,
No More Losing Money,
No More Stress

Red.Hot.Referrals will kickstart your business building efforts. Your time is now, you deserve to get paid what you’re worth, you deserve to stop working with every single prospect, you deserve to have perfect customers.

  • You get the Red.Hot.Referrals self-paced course. (valued at over $1,500)
  • You get Red.Hot.Bonus #1 – expert interviews with successful business owners using referral business strategies to make more money! (valued at over $1,000)
  • You get a copy of Marketing in Minutes so you can jumpstart your efforts immediately! ($29.95 value)
  • You get all future materials and bonuses! (Impossible to assign a value to this)
  • You get all of it for only $97 it will never be priced this low again.

AND there’s absolutely no risk; it’s guaranteed 100%.

Now is your time…

You know you deserve to have a profitable, stress-free business working with people you like, who love what you do. Trust that it’s your time, believe that you will make it happen. You won’t regret it. It’s a small price to pay for a business life you love.




Yolanda here and Bella TOO!

I really want to thank you for taking the time to learn about Red.Hot.Referrals.

I’m looking forward to watching you grow your business!

See you in the Facebook Group!

Me with my best “snuggler” Bella.

P.S. When you look forward one-year from now, where will you and your business be?
Don’t you owe it to yourself to take this one-time risk-free opportunity to build a better business?
I think you do.